New Build Home Ventilation Install

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New Build Home Ventilation Install

Custom Aircon design for unique new build project.

This was a large-scale install project at a larger-than-usual new build. A variety of technologies were used, with a resulting 50kw system installed.

Our team were equipped to advise on the most suitable technology for the job.  Partnering with Mitsibishi, we capitalised on technology from their city-multi range. Although commercial grade, this helped us to ensure larger spaces were heated efficiently. In particular, we utilised a lossnay heat recovery unit and a hot water hydrobox.

This technology helped us to ensure large spaces were heated well, with reduced power consumption.

Furthermore, our install team could confidently install the units under the supervision of the designer and project manager. Having a design & build incorporated service helps us to ensure a premium install process.

We have the knowledge, skills and confidence to take on more complex projects. If you've got a larger project or just want to ensure the right system is installed, get in touch with us today. We are happy to provide a free consultation on your next install.

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