Christchurch Air Conditioning Installers

We design and install air conditioning systems for your home, office or warehouse

Meet our team of Air Conditioning Designers & Installers

Jaideep Kamboj
Owen Rogers
Glen Sole
Dean Wilson
Gary Collison

Our values:

We're honest

Honesty & Integrity

We greatly respect the fact that people have entrusted us to do the job.

We're professional and calm

Professional & Calm

We always behave in a professional and respectful way towards others.

We love to laugh

Still Room for a Laugh

We  look to have a cheerful manner during our day and to pass that on to others.​

We're problem solvers

Problem Solvers

We are there to solve our client's issues and problems fast and efficiently.

We aim high

We aim high

We are always taking our skills, our team and our business to the next level.​

We're service-focused


At a minimum we want to meet your expectations, however we are always looking to exceed them.

We communicate

We communicate

We will do our best to ensure that everyone we deal with is talked to regularly and understood.

We're humble

We're humble

Sometimes we might get it wrong. When we do, we will bend over backwards to make it right.

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Get your air conditioning installed the right way – the first time

Our air conditioning specialists have installed over 1000 air con units so we know how to size it correctly and install it properly.

You're in good hands

Choose the installer with proven experience

We'll pair you with the perfect air con system for your home or business.