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Commercial HVAC Systems

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Commercial Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

At Skilled Aircon, we recognize the importance of providing reliable and efficient climate control systems for homes and businesses. We have over a decade of experience designing, maintaining, and installing commercial HVAC systems of all shapes and sizes.

We understand the importance of finding a system that provides effective comfort results while staying within budget. That’s why we offer customised commercial HVAC systems to meet the needs of any customer.

Our qualified staff are experienced and genuinely care about your commercial HVAC needs. We are confident in executing large-scale commercial projects, from retail and office to warehouse and commercial developments.

New Commercial HVAC Systems

Getting a new commercial HVAC system can be a stressful and complicated process. Skilled Aircon are there to make this process simple and stress-free.

Our in-house mechanical engineer can design a system specifically for your commercial HVAC needs. We strive to provide the most efficient and effective HVAC solutions for our clients.

We collaborate with architects, builders, engineers, and other contractors to customize a system specifically for your project, providing the highest quality of service at the most competitive price to meet your project goals.

Read more about our Engineered HVAC Design

Upgrading Existing Commercial HVAC Systems

It is recommended to upgrade commercial HVAC systems every 10 years. This timeframe is based on the average lifespan of an HVAC system, which is typically between 10 and 15 years.

However, an upgrade may be necessary sooner if the system is running inefficiently, or if the system has become outdated due to changing technology and regulations.

Our team can assess you current commercial HVAC system and provide recommendations and a quote for any upgrades your commercial HVAC system requires to perform like new.

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When you book Skilled for your HVAC needs, you can be sure you will experience the following;

  • Honest and knowledgeable advice from our highly qualified staff
  • A system that is catered to your business needs
  • Top quality equipment that is built to last and run efficiently, saving you money & time in the long-run
  • A team of active problem solvers, with a ‘make it work’ attitude
  • Professional, friendly and speedy communication with our team
  • Quality workmanship, and a premium final install of your product

Maintenance and Repairs

With an understanding of how vital climate control is to the successful operation of businesses and customer contentment, our technical team can design a customized preventative maintenance programme to meet your requirements and help with breakdowns and repairs. Additionally, our team is available for emergency repairs and servicing work.

Learn more about Maintenance and Servicing

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