Nursery Centre Install

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A large-scale HVAC installation at a nursery centre.

A complex project, and a great example of how we can cater our systems to your needs. Indoor nurseries and seedling production at scale is a complex, long-term enterprise. A variety of climate factors are crucial for this investment to pay off. Seedlings are very susceptible to swings in temperature and rainfall.

As a result, this grower needed a reliable indoor climate control system for their crop. This is where Skilled HVAC comes in.

It's our priority to meet you at your needs, whatever the problem or the project. Our HVAC team is knowledgeable, experienced and communicative. With Skilled, you can get on with the rest of life and business, knowing that your HVAC needs are sorted.

This client needed a product that worked well with other moving parts and was reliable. Our experienced and knowledgeable team are passionate about delivering on projects like this. With 7+ years experience in HVAC, we could give advice on the best system to suit the project. From here, our devoted team worked hard to ensure a premium final result.

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