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Commercial HVAC Systems

Heat Pumps

Looking for Heat Pumps in Christchurch? Choosing a heat pump that will be perfect for you space and needs can be challenging.

Heat pumps are an extremely efficient form of heating and cooling through using refrigerant to extract heat out of the air.

A well installed heat pump will emit 4KW of heat while only using approximately 1KW of power.

Commercial HVAC Systems

Mitsubishi Heat Pump Specialists

Skilled Aircon are highly trained and qualified experts for installation and servicing Mitsubishi heat pumps in Christchurch. Mitsubishi is a top, trusted brand in heat pumps. With their range of options for both ducted and ductless heating and cooling and different levels from more affordable to premium.

All Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps are fitted with intelligent defrost technology to ensure that you get the best performance out of your heat pump when it gets cold.

Commercial HVAC Systems

Expert Installers of Fujitsu Heat Pumps

We are expert installers of Fujitsu Heat Pumps in Christchurch. Our team are trained to deliver a professional service to our customers every time. We install & service heat pumps to residential properties and have HVAC solutions for commercial businesses. Rest assured that the team at Skilled Aircon will assist in getting the perfect system for your needs.

Fujitsu has a 6 year warranty, and their filter systems are approved by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ’s Sensitive Choice Programme.

Commercial HVAC Systems

Hi-Wall Heat Pumps

Highwall heat pumps are installed in a high position on a wall, making them inconspicuous. They are highly efficient, deliver exceptional performance, operate with minimal noise, and are available in various styles that blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

Commercial HVAC Systems

Floor Console Heat Pumps

Floor-mounted heating units are situated beside a wall and can be recessed into the wall to reduce their impact on the space. They operate with minimal noise, are powerful and efficient, and feature accessible filter cleaning.

It's essential to position them in a location where furniture doesn't obstruct the airflow and where they can distribute warm air to the maximum area possible.

When you book Skilled for your HVAC needs, you can be sure you will experience the following;

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  • Top quality equipment that is built to last and run efficiently, saving you money & time in the long-run
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How important is the heat pump installation process?

The sizing, positioning and installation of your heat pump are critical to heating your home properly. As well as ensuring your heat pump is in the right place to do the job, the accredited, experienced and qualified installers at Heat Pumps NOW do some plumbing and electrical work. If installed by an amateur, we guarantee you’ll have problems with your heat pump later. Always choose an accredited expert to install your heat pump.

Do heat pumps need a drain?

Yes. Whether heating or cooling your home, the outdoor or indoor units will dehumidify and the resulting water needs to drain away. That’s why heat pumps are typically mounted on an outside wall. If not, a condensate pump can lift the water to the ceiling and drain out. Including a condensate pump in an install generally increases the cost of the installation.

How long do heat pumps take to install?

Heat Pumps NOW's experienced and qualified installers usually take around 5 to 6 hours to install a straightforward back-to-back heat pump system. More complex heat pump installations including multi-systems and air-ducted systems can take longer.

How environmentally safe are heat pumps?

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) recommend heat pumps for heating, because they use significantly less energy to heat your home than any other type of heating. This reduces both pollution and the release of green house gases, which makes heat pumps better for the environment. Being very energy efficient also helps to keep your power bill low.

Why are heat pumps so much cheaper to run?

Heat pumps simply "transfer" heat from outside, to inside your home. All other heaters use an electrical element, gas, or open fires to convert energy into heat. A heat pump only needs electricity to drive the fans and compressor. The result is around 4 times less energy needed, saving you money by reducing your power bill. Using less electricity also means heat pumps are great for the environment.

How can I maintain my heat pump?

Just like your car, a regularly serviced heat pump will perform better than a neglected one. A heat pump with clogged air filters works harder to provide the same amount of heat as a clean one, which ultimately adds to your power bill. It’s simple enough. Just vacuum the filter from the indoor unit when you clean the rest of your house to ensure a good airflow. Also, keep the area around your outside heat pump unit clear from greenery and debris.

How much does it cost to run a Heat Pump?

This depends on the amount of heating required. Heat pumps transfer heat from air outside and in this way produce three to four times more warmth. Its efficiency is 300% to 400%, which means for every 5kW of heating you pay for around 1.5kW of electric energy.

Running your heat pump is roughly one quarter the cost of electric heating and about one third the cost of gas heating. Heat pumps are one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping your home warm and dry.

Will a heat pump heat my entire house?

Heat pumps are like powerful, very efficient fan heaters. A typical heat pump provides the same amount of heat as three fan heaters, but costs about the same as running one. If you can heat your whole house today from one room, then one heat pump might be all you need.

Typically, heat pumps are sized and installed to heat a single room or open area. To heat your whole house, you may need several heat pumps, or a ducted heat pump system.

What size heat pump will I need for my home?

Like you, each home is unique. How big is your house? How many doors and windows? What’s the insulation like? What’s your budget? The key to selecting the right heat pump for your home is an assessment and discussion of your needs with one of Heat Pumps NOW's experienced and qualified Christchurch specialists.

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